1) Does the Membrane Reduce Sound Quality? (Acoustic Impedance)
The membrane is 0.1 mm when it is stretched. Field tests have shown that clinicians cannot distinguish any difference, as any possible impedance of acoustics is not significant.

2) Does the Membrane Fit All Sizes of Stethoscope Heads?
Almost all of the adult stethoscopes. 95% + of adult stethoscopes, including standard and cardiac stethoscopes would work with StetPro. The paediatric and neonatal stethoscope versions of StetPro will be out in mid-2006

3) Does the Membrane/Device have any latex?
No. The membrane is a medical grade silicone that is approved by the FDA for internal use. There is also no latex in any of the components of StetPro

4) How do I Dispose the Membranes and Containers
The membrane is disposed into the clinical waste as with disposable gloves. The container is similarly disposed

5) Will this device increase the cost to the hospital/Health Service?
The cost of StetPro should be balanced against the overall cost of cross-contamination (£1 billion to the UK economy, and $5.2 billion in USA), and the cost of cleaning the stethoscope head. The most significant factor is that StetPro saves valuable time for the clinicians, which far outweighs its cost

6) Can I Re-use the Membranes?
No. The membrane is intended for single use only and re-using of it may lead to cross contamination

7) How do I know I am near the end of the pack?
There are plans to identify the last few membranes. It is recommended that in the case of the MultiPak 25 and 100's you use the twin-pack, which alleviates this problem

8) Can a membrane be Re-loaded into a Dispenser?
No. As the membranes are intended for single use only, they should be discarded after use and there is no provision to re-load or re-use them

9) Can the Membranes be Cleaned with Alcohol Wipes?
The membrane is not intended for repeated use and the effects of alcohol wipes on the silicone membrane and length of time it takes for the alcohol to decontaminate the membrane is unknown


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